Latvia supports Ukraine

February 24 marks two years since Russia's full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine. Neither Ukraine nor its people are ready to submit to Russia and are still fighting against it. Latvia's support has been as steadfast and tireless in helping Ukraine militarily, as well as its people who seek refuge from the war in Latvia.

The united and strong international support is required to ensure that Ukraine defeats Russia, to force it to leave Ukraine’s territory and stop any renewed Russia’s attempts to invade other countries. Latvia is one of Ukraine's most reliable supporters in this regard, both in terms of practical assistance to Ukraine, was well as convincing and encouraging other countries to invest more in enabling Ukraine's victory, and thereby ensuring that sustainable peace returns to the region. In order to encourage this, the officials of Latvia are actively persuading other countries to include Ukraine in Euro-Atlantic structures.

Prime Minister Evika Siliņa highlights the importance of tireless support to Ukraine. "The Ukrainian people have demonstrated admirable heroism, selflessness and resilience in defending their beloved homes and people. Ukraine has taught us that if you believe in your country and love it, you are capable of unthinkable and can conquer anything. Our mission is to support Ukraine politically, militarily, financially to achieve Ukraine’s victory and a just peace. Together with like-minded countries, we secured predictable and long-term EU support of EUR 50 billion for Ukraine. Latvia has so far provided EUR 650 million in support for Ukraine's victory. I would like to emphasize that this is the support from the government, local authorities and the society as a whole. From the very first day of the criminal full-scale invasion, the people of Latvia did not stand by – let me thank you for every donation, let me thank every volunteer and participant of the support campaigns for Ukraine," said the Prime Minister.

The assistance provided to Ukraine by the government and the people of Latvia over the past two years has amounted to at least EUR 650 million. During this period, the Latvian government has contributed more than EUR 370 million to Ukraine’s military support by delivering both drones, helicopters, howitzers, anti-aircraft missiles and other technical equipment. Our National Armed Forces have also provided training to Ukrainian Armed Forces’ soldiers. The people and businesses of Latvia have provided military support of more than EUR 20 million by donating and delivering defence supplies to Ukraine.

Since 2022, Latvia has made international contributions totalling at least EUR 36 million to the European Peace Facility, the UN Children's Fund, NATO's Comprehensive Assistance Programme for Ukraine and other international formats where countries are helping Ukraine to expel Russian troops from their land and rebuild devastated areas, as well as providing practical and psychological support to the Ukrainian people.

Support has also been provided in Latvia to Ukrainian civilians who have temporarily found home and safety in Latvia after fleeing the war. They have received food and hygiene parcels, residence documents with the right to employment and benefits to start self-employment. At least EUR 21.5 million has been invested in educational activities for Ukrainian civilians. The funds were earmarked to provide these people with the opportunity to learn Latvian free of charge.  This year, the funding was increased to EUR 4.6 million. In 2022, the measures to support refugees in our country were already merged into a single plan; the same plan has also been devised for 2023, and a plan to support war refugees amounting to EUR 70 million has also been drawn up for this year.

The people who are still in Ukraine have also received assistance from Latvia and the people of Latvia. The Latvian government, the non-governmental sector and the public as a whole have contributed more than EUR 48 million to deliver medical equipment and medicines, humanitarian aid packages for the residents, and supplies for hospitals and rescue services to Ukraine. Independent media in Ukraine has also been strengthened and support for critical infrastructure has been provided.

It is a particular concern of Latvia that when the war is over and Ukrainians return to their country, the damage caused by the war is at least partially eliminated and Ukraine recovers as quickly as possible. More than EUR 12 million have been invested in the reconstruction of Chernihiv region, and the support has been provided to Ukraine's European integration processes and the preservation of Ukrainian cultural monuments.

Latvia will continue to support Ukraine tirelessly on the EU, national and global scale in order to bring Ukraine's victory closer. The Baltic States have been among the most active countries in supporting Ukraine, not only because of the decisions taken by their governments, but also because of the public's response and selflessness. Let me thank the people of Latvia, businesses, non-governmental organisations – all those who are finding the opportunity to get involved and help Ukraine to win this war through their work, resources and knowledge! It is possible to win the war by means of joint efforts and not giving in to fatigue! Glory to Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!

Moment of Silence 24 february 9.00 EET paying tribute to sacrifices borne by Ukrainian people

Santa Jirgensone

Press Secretary to the Cabinet of Ministers
santa.jirgensone [at]