Unified Web Platform for Government and Local Government Entities

The Unified Website Platform is a common and centralised management solution used to create and maintain many websites of state and local-government authorities. Institutions have the opportunity to create new, modern official websites of a uniform design aimed at creating a user-friendly and recognizable environment, to ensure that everyone can easily find the necessary information and communicate with state and local-government authorities.

The platform was designed to improve institutional communication with citizens. The State Chancellery, together with its counterparts, sought to establish an environment where the institutions would create accessible and user-friendly websites with uniform functionality, and the necessary information can be easily and quickly found. The website architecture was developed based on surveys, usability (UX) and accessibility tests, studies, in consultation with industry professionals and in line with best practices. It ensures convenient use of websites from different devices and accessibility for people with visual, hearing and mobility impairments.

According to Ilze Pavlova, Head of Communication Department of the State Chancellery, who is the author of the platform idea: “We have been able to successfully combine citizens’ expectations for easy-to-use websites and institutions’ needs for modern websites with extensive functionality. The idea of a single platform for such websites arose more than a decade ago, and like any change process, it takes time; however, it is an important step forward in improving communication with citizens.”

The first project, under which a platform and websites of 119 institutions were created, is now completed. A new project was launched on 5 April 2023, and it seeks to develop and expand the platform, as well as to create at least 40 new websites. Institutions will be able to create not only official websites of uniform design, but also an unlimited number of thematic websites that can differ in their structure, design and functionality. At present, the platform offers the development, web hosting, maintenance, updating and security management of official institutional websites. The new project will also provide various templates.

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