Meetings of the Committee of the Cabinet of Ministers consider draft policy documents, as well as draft legislative acts for which no agreement was reached at the State Secretaries’ meeting and which are not coordinated among institutions.

The Committee also considers those drafts, which are submitted to the Committee according to a respective decision of the Cabinet sitting, and draft legislative acts on which during the draw-up procedure for submission to the Cabinet of Ministers the State Chancellery finds substantial objection on legal and wording side.

Meetings of the Committee are chaired by the Prime Minister. The meetings usually take place once a week (on Mondays) and are participated by all members of the Cabinet, State Secretaries of ministries, Heads of Secretariats of the Minister for Special Assignments, as well as representatives the the working group of the draft and representatives of other relevant institutions and non-governmental organisations.

It is required to involve all the relevant stakeholders in the process of consideration of policy planning documents by the Committee, since quality of these documents determines enforcement and implementation of the policy.

Each draft document is thoroughly examined in view of all the related matters, aspects and projected outcome; any inaccuracy or discrepancies are corrected. This ensures that only well-prepared drafts are submitted to the Cabinet sitting where they are usually adopted without additional discussions.

Meetings of the Committee of the Cabinet are open to the public; representatives of mass media and NGOs are allowed to participate.