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    Jānis Patmalnieks

    Head of the Prime Minister’s Office
    janis.patmalnieks [at]

    Reinis Brusbārdis

    Foreign Policy and EU Affairs Adviser to the Prime Minister
    reinis.brusbardis [at]

    Māris Cepurītis

    National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister
    maris.cepuritis [at]

    Ieva Zīberga

    Adviser to Prime Minister on Policy Planning and Communications
    ieva.ziberga [at]

    Imants Parādnieks

    Adviser on Demographic Policy
    imants.paradnieks [at]

    Agnese Krasta

    Legal Advisor to the Prime Minister
    agnese.krasta [at]

    Dana Goldfinča

    Foreign Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister
    dana.goldfinca [at]

    Sandris Sabajevs

    Press Secretary of the Prime Minister
    sandris.sabajevs [at]

    Evika Siliņa

    Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister
    evika.silina [at]

    Inga Vutkeviča

    Secretary of Prime Minister
    inga.vutkevica [at]

    Vita Žindika

    vita.zindika [at]

    Ināra Laure

    Consultant to Director
    Inara.Laure [at]

    Inese Gailīte

    Head, Deputy Director of the State Chancellery for Legal -Affairs
    Inese.Gailite [at]

    Viktors Sidorenkovs

    Deputy Head
    Viktors.Sidorenkovs [at]

    Dainis Pudelis

    Legal adviser
    dainis.pudelis [at]

    Elza Jugāne

    Legal adviser
    Elza.Jugane [at]

    Amanda Mūrniece

    Legal adviser
    Amanda.Murniece [at]

    Aldis Štāls

    Legal Adviser
    Aldis.Stals [at]
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    1 - 20 from 110