28 November 2022

Military support

  • Government of Latvia
    • EUR 300 000 000 worth of military equipment — unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, howitzers, weapons and personal equipment, dry food rations, ammunition, anti-tank weapons, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, fuel, etc.
  • Latvian society and non-governmental sector
    • EUR 7 700 000 for Ukraine’s defence needs (Ziedot.lv)
    • > EUR 3 000 000 in donations from Latvia’s business community (Businesses for Peace - Uzņēmēji mieram)
    • > 900 off-road vehicles delivered to Ukraine (Twitter Convoy)
    • volunteers in the foreign legion of the Ukrainian army

Humanitarian aid

  • Government of Latvia
    • EUR 900 000 in response to requests for assistance by the Government of Ukraine (medical devices, equipment, medicinal products, ambulance cars, stretchers, microscopes, dressings, foil blankets, rehabilitation of soldiers, psychosocial support etc.)
    • Ministry of Justice supports places of detention in Ukraine
    • Grant project competition for development cooperation organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ukraine as priority)
  • Latvian society and non-governmental sector
    • A team of microsurgeons from Latvia works in Ukraine
    • EUR 5 374 185 worth humanitarian cargoes — more than 80 cargoes for all regions of Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ziedot.lv, Uzņēmēji mieram, Viegli palīdzēt, LIKTA)
    • Latvian journalists travel to Ukraine to document the war

Aid for war refugees

  • Government of Latvia
    • Up to EUR 116 000 000 allocated to a Refugee Support Plan
    • 120 days of free accommodation and 30 days of free catering; a longer accommodation period for vulnerable groups
    • A personal identity number assigned to 42 793 Ukrainian civilians; residence documents (visas and residence permits) with the right to employment have been issued to 36 924 Ukrainian refugees
      • 11 857 Ukrainian civilians accommodated in housing provided by Latvian municipalities
    • Guaranteed minimum income benefit of EUR 109/per person, EUR 76 for family member
      • One-off crisis allowance of EUR 272/per adult, EUR 190/per child
    • Start-up employment or self-employment allowance of EUR 500/per person
    • Assistance to >30 000 Ukrainian people under the European Support Fund: 54 000 food packages, at least 38 000 essential supplies packages, 7000 school supplies packages
    • On average, maternity allowance paid for almost 500 children per month; state family allowance – for almost 6000 children
    • One-off newborn allowance for 95 newborns from April to October
    • Allowances paid to 143 persons with disability and the elderly
    • Emergency guardians appointed for 800 unaccompanied children; statutory allowance paid to the guardians
    • Free regional public transport
  • Latvian society and non-governmental sector
    • Housing support, voluntary work, humanitarian aid, provision of support/information, cultural, sports and community building campaigns
    • Donations from Latvian businesses
    • > EUR 1 800 000 – Hygiene products, small household appliances, warm soups (Ziedot.lv)
    • Individual support from Ziedot.lv to Ukrainian families in cases of illness or social emergency – medical care, rehabilitation
    • “High Five” public media charity marathon in support of Ukrainian refugees in Latvia, dodpieci.lv
    • Wide-scale support for Ukrainians in all municipalities
    • EUR 1 145 890 - SIM cards for phones, phones, soup kitchens in refugee centres, gift cards in food and other stores (Ziedot.lv)
    • > 115 humanitarian aid points in Latvia palidzibaskarte.lv
    • Free offers from Latvian NGOs’ and businesses to Ukrainians at propozycii.lv
    • Ukraiņi Rīgā (Ukrainians in Riga) website
    • Advice, guidance and other information resources on renting housing at majasbegliem.lv

International contributions

  • EUR 7 000 000 (European Peace Facility, the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development, the International Criminal Court, UN Children’s Fund, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UN Women Ukraine, NATO Comprehensive Assistance Package for Ukraine, etc.)

Thanks to everyone who supports Ukraine and helps war refugees!

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