At the Cabinet of Ministers draft legal acts are initially announced and considered at State Secretaries’ meeting.
State Secretaries’ meetings announce draft legal acts on which the ministries and other institutions identified in meetings’ protocol have to present opinion on the drafts within two weeks. During this period representatives of non-governmental organisations can also present their opinions.

State Secretaries’ meeting considers draft legal acts for which no agreement was reached during the coordination procedure, approves a list of drafts cancelled and not progressed for consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as considers fulfilment of the tasks included in laws, decisions, legal acts and orders of the Prime Minister.

State Secretaries’ meetings are chaired by the Director of the State Chancellery and usually take place once a week (on Thursdays). Voting members of the meetings are Director of the State Chancellery, ministerial State Secretaries and Heads of Secretariats of the Minister for Special Assignments.

Participants in the advisory capacity can be Parliamentary Secretaries, Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister, Chief of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, officials of the State Chancellery, representative of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, representative of the State Control, representative of the General Prosecutor’s Office, representative of the Latvian Association of Local Governments, representative of the Public Services Regulatory Committee, representative of the National Trilateral Cooperation Council, representative of the Competition Council, Ombudsman or his authorized representative, representative of the National Regional Development Council, Authorised Representative of the Council for Implementation of the Cooperation Memorandum between Non-governmental Organizations and the Cabinet of Ministers and representative of non-governmental organisations.