Support for Ukraine Prime Minister
Moment of Silence 24 february 9.00 EET paying tribute to sacrifices borne by Ukrainian people

Two years ago, on 24 February 2024, Russia unleashed a full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine. While Russia hoped to crush the Ukrainian state and nation within days, Ukraine has not only held out against the onslaughts of aggression, it has pushed the invaders out of a significant portion of its lands and continues to fight for its own freedom and ours.

Russia knows that it will not be able to break Ukraine in a fair fight on the battlefield. Russia therefore resorts to all forms of crime: it attacks civilians, bombs cities, abducts Ukrainian children. It is putting pressure on Ukraine’s international partners in the hope that we will all tire out as the war persists.

We want the aggressor to know the state and people of Latvia are steadfastly supporting Ukraine and will continue to provide every kind of assistance until Ukraine’s full victory. The aggressor will have to withdraw its forces from the entire internationally recognized territory of Ukraine and compensate for the damage inflicted on Ukraine. It will have to return Ukrainian children. Russia and its leaders will have to be held accountable for aggression and war crimes.

Regrettably, Ukrainians continue to lose their lives and livelihoods in this fight. We bow our heads in deep reverence before the heroic and strong sons and daughters of Ukraine, who fearlessly confront the aggressor. When fighting to defend the future of their country and children, Ukrainians are also standing on guard for peace and security throughout Europe, including Latvia.

In solidarity with the Ukrainian people, the President of Latvia, the Speaker of the Saeima, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs invite all the residents of Latvia to gather for a moment of silence at 9.00 a.m. on Saturday, 24 February 2024, commemorating and paying tribute to the people of Ukraine and the sacrifices they have borne.

We also call on everyone to attend and take part in events in support of Ukraine throughout Latvia on 24 February. Let us come together to demonstrate our unity and resolve to support the people of Ukraine!

Ukraine shall win! Slava Ukraini!