Prime Minister

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) has applied a status of the detained to the President of the Bank of Latvia within the framework of criminal proceedings.

At the moment, neither me nor any other official have any reason to interfere with the work of the Corruption Prevention and Combatting Bureau of Latvia (KNAB). The institution works professionally and accurately. As soon as the KNAB's management considers it possible to provide information to the public about the progress of the investigation, it will not hesitate to do so. The government fully trusts the Bureau, and is ready to provide it with all the necessary support, thus preventing any influence on KNAB's work.

I, the Head of Government, Dana Reizniece-Ozola, Minister for Finance and the government as a whole, have been monitoring the developments to ensure that the Bank of Latvia fully and qualitatively fulfils all the duties entrusted to this institution. There are no signs of a threat to the Latvian financial system.

In order to analyze the resulting situation, an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers will be convened on Monday 19 February.


Andrejs Vaivars
Press Secretary to the Prime Minister
Phone: 29228678