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Inovāciju laboratorija

The government approved at the sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers of 10 May an informative report on the development of an innovation ecosystem of the public administration. In the report, the State Chancellery identified the investments required from the Recovery Fund to develop the innovation capacity of the public sector and thus improve the quality of its services.

The reforms described in the informative report aim to significantly increase the innovation capacity of the public sector in order to develop a modern and efficient public administration. Such an administration will be able to attract competitive staff and improve the services it provides to citizens, making them more convenient and more accessible to different groups of society.

In order to achieve the objectives, a regulatory framework governing the functioning of the innovation ecosystem will be established and the so-called innovation laboratory will be further developed where new solutions and services will be tested using innovative customer-focused methods. Along with the development of the public sector innovation ecosystem, innovation experts will be attracted, suitable co-working space, technical equipment and training will be provided for the staff concerned, and digital environment will be created, as well as other necessary measures will be taken.

The most effective prototypes of solutions created in the Innovation Lab will also be tested outside the laboratory environment to introduce them later in the real environment. A plan and a mechanism for selecting problems will also be developed.

The State Chancellery will ensure that the investment results are achieved, manage and supervise the projected Recovery Fund project while direct public administration institutions, local governments and planning regions will participate in innovation. EUR 900 000 are to be provided from the Recovery Fund to implement the measures. The project will be carried out by mid-2025.

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