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On Friday 9 December, at the working session of the Prime Ministers' Council of the Baltic Council of Ministers in Rīga, which brought together Prime Minister of Latvia Māris Kučinskis, Prime Minister of Estonia Jüri Ratas and Prime Minister of Lithuania Algirdas Butkevičius, the officials discussed the development of energy and transport, the security of all three countries, as well as foreign policy.

As regards the security situation in the region, M. Kučinskis expressed his confidence that the three Baltic States highly appreciate the solidarity of the Alliance and the Allied, and the commitment to strengthen NATO's deterrence and defence policy and capability. It was emphasized that the decisions made at the NATO Summit in Warsaw, which are of utmost importance for the Baltic States, result to a great extent from our close cooperation and sustained efforts.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the increasing strategic role of communication in promoting resilience against modern warfare. "Having regard to strategic communication, I would like to highlight its growing role in promoting resilience against modern warfare. I welcome the active cooperation among the Baltic States in strengthening the common strategic communications capability and fighting against the Russian propaganda and disinformation," said the Prime Minister.

 M.Kučinskis stressed the need to keep the issue of strengthening the EU East Stratcom Task Force on the agenda, by raising this issue at the European Council.

As regards the development of the energy and transport infrastructure, M. Kučinskis welcomed the fact that the Declaration on the Development of the Regional Gas Market was also signed at the meeting at the same time as the Joint Statement of the Baltic Council of Ministers. He stressed the importance of the issue on the best scenario for the synchronisation of power grids of the Baltic States to join the European networks.  

It was emphasized that a substantial progress has been made in cooperation between the three Baltic States over the last year, by pointing out that close cooperation between the countries will be a precondition for the development of well-functioning and integrated electricity and gas market also in the future.

With regard to foreign policy, it was generally agreed that further cooperation is needed in the areas, which contribute to the Eastern Partnership policy and provide assistance to partner countries during the implementation of reforms.

This year Latvia holds the chairmanship of the Baltic Council of Ministers.

 Photos from the working session of the Prime Ministers’ Council of the Baltic Council of Ministers. 


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