In order to provide unified assistance to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees, a website, www.ukraine-latvia.com, has been created by the non-governmental sector, and is currently functional. 

Any resident of Latvia who wants to offer any kind of help to Ukraine and its people is invited to register with the website by filling in a questionnaire. The questionnaires published on the website are in the Latvian Language. The website is currently available in English and will also be offered in Latvian very soon. The website is being upgraded on a regular basis.

The movement titled “I Want to Help Refugees” will collect and systematise the offers received and, together with other civil society organisations and cooperation partners, will coordinate the provision of assistance so that it is fast and effective, and reaches everyone who needs it.

Residents of Ukraine who are currently arriving in Latvia as they flee the war started by Russia in Ukraine are also invited to register with the website. The site offers information on entry to, staying, settling and finding a job in Latvia.  

Thanks to all who have already given their selfless support!