Support for Ukraine Prime Minister
Ukrainas premjerministrs Deniss Šmihaļš un Latvjas Ministru prezidente Evika Siliņa

 “Latvia will continue efforts to support Ukraine until its victory over Russia's aggression,” emphasised Prime Minister Evika Siliņa on Thursday 4 April, following a meeting with Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal. On Thursday, Denys Shmyhal is paying an official visit to Latvia.

During a joint press conference, the Prime Minister stressed that Latvia will continue to provide political, military and financial assistance to Ukraine.

"The people of Latvia support Ukraine because we can associate ourselves with Ukraine. We remember our struggle against the evils of the Soviet empire, and we are well aware of the present evils of Russia. Ukraine is fighting a war for values of freedom and democracy, for the right of the Ukrainian people to preserve their identity. It is therefore natural for our society to support Ukraine. Ukraine can rely on Latvia until its victory and a just peace," said Prime Minister Evika Siliņa.

Latvia is assisting Ukraine both bilaterally and within international organisations. Latvia's total aid to Ukraine this year will amount to EUR 850 million, while with the announcement of the April military aid package, the total military assistance will amount to EUR 392 million.

In 2024, the support by the Latvian government to Ukraine will exceed EUR 200 million, while the military aid will amount to about 0.25% of Latvia's gross domestic product, or about EUR 112 million. Latvia is committed to maintaining this level of annual support in 2025 and 2026.

The Prime Minister informed that a new package of military assistance to Ukraine is scheduled for April. It is planned to donate material and technical means, including armaments and ammunition, worth EUR 22.2 million from the reserves of the National Armed Forces. This aid package will primarily include ammunition, explosives and weapons, as well as transport, individual and auxiliary equipment.

In addition, work is underway with Latvian entrepreneurs to develop the drone manufacturing industry in Latvia. Currently, shipments of Latvian manufactured drones are being prepared for delivery to Ukraine in the near future. The first drones worth one million euros will soon be delivered to Ukraine. As part of the Drone Coalition, Latvia plans to earmark at least EUR 10 million for the purchase of drones in 2024.

Latvia will provide about EUR 10 million funding for the purchase of 155mm ammunition within the framework of the joint procurement of artillery ammunition led by the Czech Republic.

During the visit, the Heads of Government also discussed the reconstruction of Ukraine. Latvia has provided funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine in the Chernihiv Oblast. These funds will be used not only for the development cooperation projects, but also to support the Latvian companies involved in the reconstruction of Ukraine in the Chernihiv Oblast.

The officials also discussed preparations for the 10th meeting of the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Latvian Commission to be held in May this year in Kyiv. Economic cooperation is among the Commission's priority areas of activity.

"One of the key priorities for Latvia is to support Ukraine in its EU accession process. The next step is to agree on the negotiation framework and hold an intergovernmental conference by the end of June," emphasised E. Siliņa.

Latvia also focuses on the effective implementation of the EU sanctions and on the avoidance of sanctions evasion in order to contain the Russian war machine.

The Prime Minister of Latvia and the Prime Minister of Ukraine also agreed on a joint statement highlighting the continued close political, economic and financial cooperation.


04.04.2024. Ministru prezidente Evika Siliņa tiekas ar Ukrainas Premjeru Denisu Šmihaļu.

Aleksis Zoldners

Press Secretary of the Prime Minister
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