The Cabinet of Ministers adopted the draft order “On Suspension of Operation of Border Crossing Points on the State Border of the Republic of Latvia – Russian Federation” at its extraordinary sitting of 12 October, which provides for the suspension of operation of the Vientuļi and Pededze border crossing points as of 16 October this year. 

The order was adopted in response to Russia’s decision to allow holders of Ukrainian passports to enter Russia from third countries only through two border crossing points – the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow (Russia) and the Vientuļi border crossing point on the Latvia -Russia border as of 16 October this year. 

This decision by Russia is not only an attempt to divide the European Union and present tensions on its border, but also to create conditions on the Latvia-Russia border, which can significantly affect public order and pose a threat to national security. It is therefore necessary to suspend the operation of the Latvia -Russia border crossing points in order to avoid possible threats to public order and national security, as well as possible adverse effects.