Sieviete ar bērnu un Ukrainas karogu

On Tuesday 28 May, the Cabinet of Ministers took note of the informative report of the Ministry of the Interior ‘On the Current Situation regarding the Support to the Civilian Population of Ukraine’, which summarises the data on the support provided to the civilian population of Ukraine in 2023 and 2024, as well as outlines the proposals of individual state institutions for future support activities. In this context, the Ministry of the Interior, in cooperation with other relevant authorities, will start work on the support action plan for 2025.

The Register of Natural Persons includes 44 961 Ukrainian civilians who have been granted temporary protection status in Latvia, 61% of them women and 39% of them men.

A total of 64 633 residence permits have been issued to Ukrainian civilians since the beginning of the war. Until January 2024, most of the residence permits issued were re-issued, which is due to the fact that in 2023 the residence permits issued in 2022 expired (since 01.01.2023 Ukrainian civilians are issued residence permits with a validity of 2 years). However, from February 2024 there has been an increase in the number of residence permits issued for the first time, which exceeds the number of re-issued residence permits.

6457 Ukrainian citizens have crossed the external border into Latvia. The flow remains moderate and stable, but significantly lower than in 2023, when 40 496 Ukrainian citizens entered during the same period (16% of the same period in 2023).

The funding foreseen for Ukraine in 2024 amounts to EUR 70 000 000 (EUR 71 139 692 in 2023 and EUR 78 501 827 in 2022).

On 19 April 2024, 3 139 employers have declared current employment relationships with 8 788 Ukrainian civilians in 9 233 workplaces. The most common occupations in February 2024 are cleaner, auxiliary worker, salesperson, shop worker and cook. As of 24 April 2024, 27 764 Ukrainian civilians are registered with the State Employment Agency, including 8 534 Ukrainian civilians granted the status of the unemployed.

The complete presentation is available: here.