Support for Ukraine Prime Minister
Ministru prezidente Evika Siliņa Saeimas sēdē. Uz tribīnes Ukrainas un Latvijas karogi.

The Ukrainian people have been defending themselves against Russia’s full-scale invasion for two years. Ukraine has been fighting against Russia’s aggression, which started with the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 for already 10 years.

Russia has occupied free land and committed the acts of robbery, as well as taken away Ukrainian children, its army has raped Ukrainian women and murdered and tortured peaceful civilians. Russia has committed heinous crimes.

During this time, the Ukrainian people have demonstrated admirable heroism, selflessness and resilience in defending their beloved ones and homes. Ukraine has taught us that if you believe in your country and love it, you are capable of unthinkable and can conquer anything.

That's right - to win. Our mission is to support Ukraine politically, militarily, financially to achieve Ukraine’s victory and a just peace. This is where our own contribution is important, as well as our action on an international scale. We must promote support for Ukraine in any international format. Together with like-minded countries, we have just secured predictable and long-term EU support of EUR 50 billion for Ukraine

Latvia has so far provided the support for Ukraine's victory of 1% of GDP. I would like to emphasize that this includes the support from the government, local authorities and the society as a whole. From the very first day of the criminal full-scale invasion, the people of Latvia did not stand by – let me thank you for every donation, let me thank every volunteer and participant of the support campaigns for Ukraine.

This year, Latvia's aid to Ukraine will exceed EUR 200 million. Ukraine has been defended by the weapons donated by Latvia from the very first day of Russia’s war. We are training Ukrainian soldiers. Military aid will continue. It will amount to 0.25% of GDP.

In the early days of the war, Latvia sheltered Ukrainian children, mothers and orphans. The same applies to the support for the reconstruction of Ukraine and rehabilitation of the victims, including soldiers and children.

Several countries have joined the Latvian-UK-led drone coalition. We have a commitment to provide one million drones to the Ukrainian army.

We support Ukraine and insist on punishing all those found responsible for war crimes committed in Ukraine, as well as on the strengthening of sanctions. The profits from frozen Russian assets should be used in support of Ukraine. The war is never easy and there will be no quick end. Latvia and the democracies have the power to support Ukraine in a way that makes Ukraine the winner of this war.

At the same time, we are strengthening Latvia's security. We are developing our military infrastructure, industry and combat capabilities. I would like to express gratitude to every Latvian soldier, officer of the Civil Guard and border guard, policeman and diplomat who is on duty every day, protecting our people and our country.

We are not alone. Latvia is part of the European Union and NATO - the strongest military alliance in the world. Our allies are growing. Finland and soon also Sweden are joining NATO. This makes us even stronger. The Allied presence in Latvia will only grow. Latvia is safe.

Our message to the aggressor is clear: do not come, because together with our NATO allies we will defend our country from the very first centimetre.

Russia will, at the same time, try to test the resilience of our people by spreading distrust, creating fear and undermining faith in ourselves. We must not let this happen. Let us resist it. Let us work with our allies and with one another. Let us critically examine the information that appears in the public domain.

Above all - let us be proud of our country and actively strengthen it. Let us support Ukraine, because this way we will also ensure security of Latvia.

God bless Latvia! Glory to Ukraine!

22.02.2024.Ministru prezidente Evika Siliņa piedalās Saeimas ārkārtas sēdē, kurā piemin Krievijas Federācijas pilna mēroga militārā iebrukuma Ukrainā gadadienu.