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Ministru prezidente Evika Siliņa ar Zviedrijas premjerministru Ulfu Kristersonu piedalās preses konferencē

“The Swedish government has just announced its decision to deploy mechanised units, including CV90 infantry fighting vehicles and Leopard 2 tanks in Latvia, which will substantially strengthen the security of the Baltic Sea region and the collective defence of NATO allies,” emphasized Prime Minister Evika Siliņa who met with the Prime Minister of Sweden Ulf Kristerson on Thursday within the framework of her working visit.

The Prime Minister of Sweden informed at a joint press conference of the Heads of Government of both countries that the Swedish Government has taken a formal decision to task the country's Armed Forces to prepare for the deployment of mechanised units to Latvia early next year. The Swedish Parliament will vote on this decision. The units will also include CV90 infantry fighting vehicles and Leopard 2 tanks.

"Latvia highly appreciates Sweden's readiness to contribute to our collective deterrence and defence capabilities. Strengthening the security of the Baltic Sea region is now even more urgent than before. Latvia once again welcomes Sweden's decision to join NATO - this is something we have always supported. NATO membership also opens up new opportunities for closer cooperation in military industry development. The Swedish Government's decision to formally start preparations for the deployment of its armed forces in Latvia is excellent news to enhance our common security. Latvia will continue to develop its combat capabilities - we already invest around 3% of GDP in defence. This means that we are also developing Latvia's military infrastructure in order to be fully prepared to host the Swedish forces in our country," said E. Siliņa.

The Prime Minister also emphasises that Latvia and Sweden enjoy excellent relations, which are being strengthened at all levels. “We have very close economic ties, and Latvia is interested in further attracting of Swedish investment,” said E. Siliņa.

The countries jointly support Ukraine's efforts to prevail in the war against the aggressor Russia, which has not given up its imperialist ambitions. The Prime Minister believes that it is therefore very important to strengthen the military industry in Latvia, Sweden and in the EU as a whole. The Heads of Government also discussed the strengthening of resilience and joint cooperation in the information space to counter disinformation and propaganda.

During her visit in Sweden the Prime Minister of Latvia met with Micael Johansson, President of SAAB, and representatives of the company's management in Stockholm to discuss the development of the military industry and cooperation with Latvia. The Head of Government also met with representatives of the Latvian diaspora, as well as with the staff of the Latvian Embassy in Stockholm.

On Friday 26 April, E. Siliņa will visit Gothenburg, where the focus will be on promoting economic cooperation with Sweden.


25.04.2024. Ministru prezidente Evika Siliņa darba vizītē Stokholmā, Zviedrijā

Aleksis Zoldners

Press Secretary of the Prime Minister
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