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Evika Siliņa un Jenss Stoltenbergs

“Latvia remains an active and responsible NATO member, investing significantly in its defence, countering the Russia’s hybrid threats, hosting NATO-allied troops and equipment, developing its military infrastructure and seconding representatives to NATO Command Structures,” stressed Prime Minister Evika Siliņa during the meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the Cabinet of Ministers on Tuesday 11 June.

E. Siliņa extended gratitude to J. Stoltenberg for his personal contribution and leadership in strengthening the collective defence of NATO and the Alliance. The Prime Minister stressed that over the 10 years since J. Stoltenberg became Secretary General of the Alliance, NATO has evolved considerably, especially with regard to enhancing collective defence capabilities.

“The Alliance has to demonstrate strength and unity - this also applies to the upcoming NATO Summit in Washington. This means a greater Allied presence on NATO's eastern borders, further strengthening of combat capabilities and a robust military industry. Together we are stronger, and together we defend every inch of NATO territory,” emphasises the Prime Minister.

E. Siliņa underlined that Latvia's investment in defence would reach and exceed 3% of gross domestic product by 2024. Latvia also delegates its representatives to the Alliance's command structures.

The officials also discussed further support for Ukraine. During the meeting, the Prime Minister stressed the need to provide Ukraine with predictable long-term military support. Latvia is therefore committed to allocate at least 0.25% of the country's gross domestic product for military support to Ukraine this year and in the coming years. Equally important are the initiatives to provide military support to Ukraine through coalitions of countries, such as the Czech initiative to supply artillery ammunition or the Latvian-UK-led drone coalition.

The officials also addressed the hybrid threats posed by Russia, the forthcoming NATO Summit in Washington, the implementation of NATO regional defence plans, as well as other issues.

Photos of the meeting:

11.06.2024 Ministru prezidente Evika Siliņa tiekas ar NATO ģenerālsekretāru Jensu Stoltenbergu

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