Support for Ukraine Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has prepared amendments to the regulatory framework* to ensure that Ukrainian civilians who are currently present in Latvia due to the hostilities carried out by Russia may continue their work in the field of health care. They provide for extending the period of short-term professional activities up to two years for Ukrainian civilians who are willing to work in the acquired profession in medical and pharmaceutical care.

According to the information in the media regarding the timely entry into force of the proposed amendments, the Ministry of Health draws attention to the fact that the Health Inspectorate will automatically extend the period of the authorisations to engage in the occupation up to one year from the date of receipt of the authorisation (authorisations to engage in the occupation were issued later than the temporary residence permits, for which, in some cases March would mark one year).

If, however, a Ukrainian medical practitioner, pharmacist or pharmacist's assistant decides to stay and work in Latvia after the expiry of the authorisation for the provision of short-term professional services, the person will be eligible for the recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad in Latvia in accordance with the procedures specified in the “Law on Regulated Professions and Recognition of Professional Qualifications” (homologation of qualifications obtained in Ukraine to the qualification to be obtained in Latvia has to be carried out, as well as the person will have to prove the knowledge of the official language at C1 level).

The Ministry of Health, the Health Inspectorate and professional organisations (Latvian Medical Association, Latvian Association of Nurses, Union of Professional Organisations of Medical Practitioners of Latvia) have so far explained and are still prepared to advise Ukrainian medical practitioners, pharmacy experts and the authorities in which they work on the employment issues. In case of uncertainty, we kindly ask to refer the matter to the Health Inspectorate: phone: 67501589, email:

Currently 162 medical practitioners, 28 pharmacists and 7 pharmacist assistants from Ukraine are employed in Latvia, of which ~ 60% work in state and local government medical institutions.