Prime Minister

Good evening, dear people of Latvia, far and near!

Good evening, friends!

2021 is rapidly coming to an end, while opening the door to new opportunities in 2022. This year leaves us with lessons learned and experiences that we will be able to use in further strengthening and developing ourselves and our state. We are smart, we are capable, we can achieve what we have set out to do! 

We, ourselves, our actions, our relationships and our decisions are what make Latvia what it is. We need to use our resilience to shape our state in a way that our families and fellow citizens feel safe, supported and accepted there.

The outgoing year, with its changing circumstances, demanded more of everyone — to listen more, understand more, take more responsibility and engage more. It brought an unprecedented diversity of opinions and discussions, which are an integral part of democracy to arrive at joint actions. Despite all the challenges, it has allowed us to achieve more. Together we have overcome the most difficult moments of the pandemic, we have safeguarded our national border, which is also the European Union’s external border, we have attained economic growth, achieved an increase in investments, exports and salaries. Our work has yielded success.

Thank you to everyone who has chosen to act, combine forces and take responsibility for themselves, the health and safety of their loved ones and society at large. We all are part of a team that makes our country strong. I would like to give special thanks our heroes — doctors and medical staff, border guards, police, national guards and the armed forces. I am proud of our people and their professionalism, the selflessness, strength and love with which they perform their duties.

This year has made our economy more resilient. Despite the challenges, it has been able to adapt, grow and diversify. There is a place in our economy for each and every company — from large exporters to small domestic producers. Behind each company there are people whose creativity, determination and ability to cooperate drive the development. Our goal is to create an ever-better business environment and better jobs, instead of implementing a comprehensive benefit policy indefinitely. At the same time, now more than ever we see the importance of long-term investments in education and science. Both today and tomorrow, we need knowledgeable and capable people for our economy alongside a strong scientific foundation. Therefore, I am pleased that we will welcome the New Year with significantly more funding for science.

On our way towards an ever more prosperous state, we must look head on at the new reality - the climate change. Habit is the worst enemy of growth and development. The new climate policy is an opportunity for our businesses and scientists to create and manufacture things today that the world will be using tomorrow. The road to restoring the independence of our state was closely intertwined with the environmental protection movement. Similarly, today the climate policy may once again become the cornerstone of the future development of our state. I believe that we will be able to take advantage of the opportunities created by change in a well-considered and responsible way.

Peace and stability are the key prerequisites for economic growth. The security situation in our region and on our border has repeatedly demonstrated how crucial it is to stay strong and work hand in hand with like-minded partners and powerful allies with whom we share common values — freedom, democracy and the rule of law. This year we have proven our capability to safeguard our borders and that we can be trusted as an equal partner within the European Union and NATO.

Dear friends,

The achievements of our Olympic athletes this year demonstrated the tenacity and incredible work capacity of our people, inspiring us and garnering admiration throughout the world. It is a vivid example of the fact that if we want something and act on it, each and every one of us and all of us together can achieve outstanding results. We are capable, we are smart, we have experience and opportunities. Let us think, rise and act so as to develop ourselves and strengthen our dear Latvia!

Thank you for your endurance, camaraderie and understanding! May you all enjoy good health, believe in your own strength and have a bright view of the future in the year 2022!

Happy New Year!