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Prime Minister: It is our responsibility to prepare for all possible Brexit solutions

On Wednesday 17 October, Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis and the Heads of State or Government of other 26 countries participated in the European Council meeting.

 On the first day of the European Council meeting, the issues related to the withdrawal of the United Kigdom from the EU or Brexit were discussed.

 This debate stems from  the fact that during the negotiations held in October this year, the European Commission (EU) and the United Kingdom failed to agree on a compromise package for the Withdrawal Agreement. The issue of the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland has become a major stumbling stone in these negotiations.

 M. Kučinskis points out that, although the preferred scenario of negotiations between the two parties has not been implemented, there is currently no reason for pessimism, and sustained efforts are needed until the December European Council where the progress will be assesssed.

 "Our accountability to the EU citizens and businesses is to prepare for all possible solutions, both at the EU and at national level. At the same time, it should be noted that while asessing the situation, it can not yet be said that there is no hope of a positive solution," said the Prime Minister.

Latvia's priority is the conclusion of negotiations on the Withdrawal Agreement that would ensure that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is regularised. The Prime Minister also emphasizes that the unity of the 27 EU countries in negotiations with the UK, as well as the defence of their interests at this stage of negotiations are more important than ever.


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