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M. Kučinskis and the President of France discuss the cooperation between the countries and situation in Europe

On Wednesday 30 May, Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis met with Emmanuel Macron, President of France in Paris.

During the meeting, M. Kučinskis expressed his satisfaction with the excellent relations between Latvia and France. The meeting between the Presidents of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania with E. Macron in Paris in early April was the highlight of the Baltic partnership with France. This symbolically happened in the year of the Baltic States’ centenary.

Since the foundation of the independent state of Latvia, France's support for strengthening the security of the Baltic region has always been important. France participates in NATO's expanded presence in the Baltic States, NATO Strategic Communication Excellence Centre and regular NATO Airspace patrolling operations. M. Kučinskis was provided with assurances that France will continue to take part in ensuring security in the Baltic States.

During the meeting, the parties pointed out that the future of the European Union (EU) is of vital importance for Latvia. Therefore, Latvia wants to work together with France in shaping Europe's future, as evidenced by the recently signed the Latvia-France Action Plan for Strategic Partnership.

"I think that no one in the European Union is interested in the existence of imbalances or the development of some kind of asymmetry," said M. Kučinskis.

He also addressed the President of France with respect the cooperation regarding the next multiannual EU budget.

As regards security in Europe, the need for the EU to be united and the important role of the security of the information space were both emphasized in order to prevent manipulation of the public opinion.

Both sides agreed on the need to promote economic cooperation between Latvia and France. The opportunities for economic cooperation between Latvia and the Movement of the Enterprises of France (MEDEF) were also appreciated.


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