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Kučinskis: The objective of visit to India is to accelerate the development of economic relations between the countries

On Friday 3 November, Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis met with Prime Minister of India Narendra Damodardas Modi in Deli (India).

During the meeting, the officials discussed cooperation between the countries. M. Kučinskis extended the invitation to the Prime Minister of India to visit Latvia within the framework of Latvia’s centenary celebrations. In the light of the potential for cooperation between Latvia and India in the fields of higher education, information technology, food, transport and logistics, M.Kučinskis called on the Prime Minister of India to consider the possibility to open the Embassy of India in Rīga. Both parties agreed that such a step would further intensify cooperation. The Prime Minister received a confirmation that the possibility of opening the Embassy of India in Rīga is being considered, assuming that it could take place in anticipation of Latvia’s centenary.

As regards the relations between Latvia and India, M. Kučinskis stressed that the objective of his visit is to accelerate the development of economic relations between the countries. The co-operation in the field of education was also highlighted - the number of Indian students in the higher education institutions of Latvia is increasing every year (about 1000 students from India study in Latvia this year). It was pointed out that Latvia offers world-class tertiary education in medicine and information technologies (IT). The Indian students also choose the study fields like computer systems, mechanics, mechanical engineering, and aviation transport. Latvia is interested in further strengthening the cooperation with the higher education institutions of India by offering joint study programs, developing joint projects and promoting student and employee mobility.

M. Kučinskis and N. Modi confirmed the need to intensify efforts in order to sign a transnational cooperation program in the field of higher education and science.

The focus of the meeting was also on cooperation in the field of transport and logistics. It is in the interest of Latvia that the Port of Riga and its services are “marked” by the Indian economic operators on their supply and logistics world map because we wish to develop India's freight attraction and further distribution to Europe through the rail and port infrastructure. In the forward-looking perspective, the Port of Riga could be the Indian freight centre. “We see the opportunity expand this cooperation also regarding the flow of goods to India, where we see our potential to offer competitive transit services to different product groups,” said the Prime Minister.

M.Kučinskis is paying a working visit to India from 2 - 6 November. Within the framework of the visit, he will meet with the President of India Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister of India N. Modi, the ministers of India, as well as participate in the business forums.

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