Dace Melbārde
Minister for Culture
Dace Melbārde
Minister for Culture
Last Updated: 09.05.2016

1998 – 2001 Master of Social Science with Specialization in Public Administration, Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Latvia
1994 – 1996 Master of Arts with Specialization in Culture Theory, Administration and History, Latvian Academy of Culture
1990 – 1994 Bachelor of History, Faculty of History and Philosophy, University of Latvia 
1978 – 1989 Valmiera Secondary School No. 1 (Valmiera State Gymnasium)

Work experience:
Since October 31, 2013 – Minister for Culture of the Republic of Latvia
October/November, 2013 Chairperson of the Culture Commission for the 37th Session of UNESCO's General Conference
2011 – 2013 Director of the Latvian National Centre for Culture
2009 – 2011 Head of the British Council representation in Latvia
2007 – 2009  Expert on cultural issues for the expert group of the National Development Plan 2007–2013 "Increase in Human Well-being" 
2006 – 2009 Member of the Artistic Board of the Latvian National Song and Dance Festival 
2005 – 2009 Guest lecturer at the Latvian Culture College. Lecture course: "Culture Policy" 
2004 – 2009 Deputy State Secretary for Culture Policy Affairs of the Ministry of Culture
2004 – 2009 Guest lecturer at the University College of Economics and Culture. Lecture courses: "The Culture Policy of Latvia", "Culture Management", "International Cultural Systems"
2004 – 2006 Member of the Council "Education for All" of the Cabinet of Ministers 
1999 – 2004 Secretary General of the Latvian National Commission, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
2003 – 2005 Chairperson of the Council for Preservation and Development of Riga Historical Centre
2003 – 2005 Member of the Artistic Board of the Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival
1999 – 2004 Consultant for Youth Affairs in Rīga Northern District
1999 – 2001 Advisor to the Director of the State Youth Initiative Centre, Ministry of Education and Science
1996 – 1999  Deputy Director of the State Youth Initiative Centre, Ministry of Education and Science
1994 – 1996 Head of the Culture Centre at the Police Academy of Latvia
1992 – 1995 Senior Expert for Education and Information Work at the Latvian War Museum