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PHOTO: The Prime Minister in Brussels meets Latvian children

On Friday, January 16, Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma in Brussels paid a visit to the school of Europe where 3000 pupils are studying, including 109 Latvian children. During the meeting with the school’s management, Laimdota Straujuma expressed gratitude to the school for the opportunity to learn also the Latvian language and literature, and thus to maintain the linkage with the Latvian culture and identity.

The representatives of the school’s management highly appreciated the Latvian children’s dedication, interest in learning and good behavior. When asking the children about studies and life in Brussels, the pupils told the Prime Minister that they highly value the open and tolerant attitude towards teachers, pupils, as well as children of different nationalities, while schools in Latvia have a deeper focus on the acquisition of various information.

Senior pupils wanted to know L.Straujuma’s vision regarding attainment of the most important objectives of Latvia’s Presidency, current relations between the European Union and Russia, the Eastern Partnership, as well as how to become the Prime Minister. Younger pupils presented their drawings and sang Latvian songs.



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