Press releases

10.07.2020 Ministru Kabinets

On Friday, 10 July, in a rapid response to the increase in the spread of the Covid-19 infection, the Cabinet of Ministers decided, during an emergency meeting, to partially renew certain restrictions in order to protect the public from a rapid spread of the infection. The government's decision is that of restricting the flow of visitors in public catering establishments.

10.07.2020 Ministru Kabinets
Issued pursuant to
Section 3, Paragraph two, Section 14, Paragraph one, Clause 5, Section 19,
Paragraphs one and 2.1, Section 19.1, Section 39, Paragraphs one and two of the Epidemiological
Safety Law and Section 4, Clauses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, and 14
30.06.2020 Ministru Kabinets

On Tuesday, 30 June, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to partially reduce certain measures restricting the spread of Covid-19, seeing as the healthcare system has been strengthened and, as a result of epidemiological safety measures, the incidence of Covid-19 in Latvia is relatively low. The spread of the infection will be monitored continually, and restrictions will be renewed if ever the situation worsens.

09.06.2020 Veselības ministrija


Although the situation regarding the spread of the virus in Latvia is stable and some of the precautionary measures have been eased with the lifting of the state of emergency, a number of restrictions must still be observed. This is important for keeping the morbidity rate of Covid-19 low and to be able to further ease the restrictions in the coming months. It is also very important for everyone to assess the risks themselves and to take responsibility for their own health and the health of the people around them.

09.06.2020 Kultūras ministrija

Today, on 9 June, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to increase the number of visitors allowed to simultaneously participate in cultural events, stipulating that the total number of visitors attending a cultural event in the period from 10 to 30 June may not exceed 100 for indoor events an

09.06.2020 Veselības ministrija


In order to be able to continue testing for Covid-19, ensure remote consultations, and enforce other requirements after the end of the state of emergency, today, on 9 June, the government confirmed the relevant provisions in the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers* which will remain in force until the end of this year.

09.06.2020 Valsts kanceleja

On Tuesday, 9 June, the Cabinet of Ministers decided on further restrictions for limiting the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia, which will take effect starting from tomorrow, 10 June, together with the lifting of the state of emergency. The aim of the regulations is to continue preventing the spread of Covid-19 whilst ensuring a good balance with the people’s gathering rights and the opening up of the economy.

02.06.2020 Valsts kanceleja

On Tuesday, 2 June, the Cabinet of Ministers decided, as of 3 June, to expand the list of countries after returning from which a 14-day self-isolation will not be required.

28.05.2020 Ministru Kabinets

On Thursday, 28 May, the Cabinet of Ministers approved several bills that set out the main principles for the operation of state institutions after the end of the state of emergency on 9 June, while ensuring the possibility to retain the necessary restrictions and support mechanisms for citizens and businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

18.05.2020 Valsts kanceleja

On Thursday, 14 May, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted changes in the regulations on the procedure for movement of persons between the Baltic States, on the organisation of entertainment events for children, and on the control mechanism for persons who have tested positive for Covid-19 and their contact persons.