Last Updated: 20.03.2017


In 2018 Latvia will be celebrating its centenary. The festivity programme will take place starting from 2017 until 2021. Its goal is to deepen understanding about Latvia's statehood, history, events and personalities who have created the state of Latvia. 



In order to make the Latvia's centenary celebration close and understandable to anyone who feels to be a part of Latvia, we will develop the celebration by using a well-known birthday celebration ritual as an analogy. It consists of five interconnected and complementary parts (process cycles):

  • Latvia's ancestors
  • The path leading to Latvia's statehood
  • Latvia's friends and neighbours
  • Latvia's adornment and preparation of gifts
  • Latvia's birthday and presentation of gifts


Grand projects

In anticipation of Latvia's centenary, we will implement several grand projects. For example, in 2018 we will be celebrating the XXVI Latvian Song and XVI Dance festival. We will also present the Cultural School Bag to students and youth, the National Encyclopaedia will be made, and other important events will take place.


The Latvia's Centenary Office is responsible for the implementation of Latvia's centenary festivities. The Consultative Creativity Council was established, and its goal is to ensure the development of the festivity programme content. To involve the youth in the centenary process, the Youth Action Committee was created, while the Centenary Action Committee is responsible for the development of the festivity programme plan and monitoring the use of financial resources.  

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4 May 1990 has given us a second breath. Not only did it open borders, but also eyes, hearts and minds. It is the freedom that needs to be celebrated!